The Grand Tour

World authorities from Europe’s best business schools on Leadership & People Management
Annually in May
Brussels, Belgium

Connson teaches a half-day session on this three-day programme. Her session, entitled Leadership, Power, and Influence, provides an introduction to the research on power, influence, and non-verbal communication. Delegates learn about formal and informal bases of power, different types of influence tactics, and the importance of nonverbal communication on a leader’s ability to influence others. By the end of the session, delegates understand how to gain commitment to a decision rather than mere compliance, are aware of the unconscious biases that may affect their ability to be influential, and walk away with tools and tactics to help them become more influential leaders.

The Grand Tour is offered every May in Brussels, Belgium. Delegates can sign up for individual days or any combination of the three days.

The May 2020 session has been postponed due to the COVID-19 situation.

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