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How to Speak Up, with Connson Locke


Professorial Lecturer in Management, Psychologist, Speaker and Author of ‘Making Your Voice Heard’.

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Ambidextrous Leaders

Switching between two types of behaviour seamlessly

Ambidextrous Leaders
Connson Locke presents two dichotomies in leaders’ behaviour: acting as influencers versus facilitators, and telling someone what to do versus asking for their views. By analogy with ambidexterity (the ability to work with both hands equally well), she says leaders must develop skills on both sides of each dichotomy, and they sometimes need to step outside of their comfort zones to do that.
Has COVID killed the office?

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Has COVID killed the office?
What does the post-pandemic future hold for office workers? Will we drift back to old ways of working, or continue with hybrid/remote working? What do the experts advise on how best to adapt?
Making Your Voice Heard

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Making Your Voice Heard
We are beyond excited to bring you our third bonus episode of this season with our latest guest, Connson Locke. Her first book, Making Your Voice Heard, was just published in March 2021, and it’s chock-full of great tips and research-backed insights that are perfectly aligned with our show’s theme of Communication this season. In this episode, she shares her research on finding your voice, influencing others, communication styles, and so much more!


Connson's latest book available now

A fresh take on how to influence others regardless of your gender or background, based on the hugely popular sell-out Guardian Masterclass. Drawing on the latest research in social psychology, Connson Locke looks at why we are prone to miscommunicate and how to overcome these barriers.

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