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Making Your
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A fresh take on how to influence others regardless of your gender or background.


Making Your Voice Heard is based on the hugely popular sell-out Guardian Masterclass and Connson’s experience teaching leadership and organisational behaviour at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over a decade.


Drawing on the latest research in social psychology, Connson looks at how we influence others and why we are prone to miscommunication and biases. She reveals how to overcome these barriers in order to become more influential and provides practical tips and exercises to try at home.



Making an Impact

With home and hybrid working on the rise, Professor Connson Locke from the Department of Management shares her top tips for making an impact and working effectively while out of the office. What are your top tips for working from home and making your voice heard?

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Making Your Voice Heard While Working From Home

We can all sense that communicating through video calls is not the same as meeting in person – but how different is it, what are the challenges, and how can we overcome them? Connson answers these questions by explaining the four channels of communication and providing some practical tips for making the most of those channels of communication on video calls.

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How do you speak up to people who have more power than you do? How can you gain confidence in your own voice and make it heard above the crowd? These are questions that I have struggled with all my life and which drove me to pursue a PhD examining voice, power and influence. Having taught these topics at the LSE for over a decade, I wanted to put them into a book to share with a wider audience.

Connson Chou Locke

Connson reveals how to:

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