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Making Your
Voice Heard

A fresh take on how to influence others regardless of your gender or background.


Making Your Voice Heard is based on the hugely popular sell-out Guardian Masterclass and Connson’s experience teaching leadership and organisational behaviour at the London School of Economics and Political Science for over a decade.


Drawing on the latest research in social psychology, Connson looks at how we influence others and why we are prone to miscommunication and biases. She reveals how to overcome these barriers in order to become more influential and provides practical tips and exercises to try at home.

What others are saying...

Conor Gearty
Professor of Human Rights Law, LSE
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"Connson Locke takes the way we engage with each other in the workplace, looks at it carefully, explains why it sometimes turns out well and sometimes badly, and guides us gently and humorously to being better at being our true selves, and so more successful at what we do. Self-help for sure, lots of tips here, but all drawn from a deep well of knowledge and experience. A revelation."
Dr. Joseph J. DiStefano
Professor Emeritus, IMD Institute of International Management, Lausanne, Switzerland
Professor Emeritus, Ivey Business School, Western University, London, Canada
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A must-read if you have ever hesitated in speaking out. Great personal examples from Professor Locke make clear that she has been there and learned from her experience. The tips and 'try this' suggestions provide readers with practical ways to improve'.
Caroline Webb
Author of How to Have a Good Day
Senior Adviser to McKinsey & Company
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"Making Your Voice Heard is a treasure trove of grounded, practical advice on how to boost your presence and impact while staying authentic and true to who you are. It's a great read for anyone seeking to speak up and step forward with more confidence and clarity, whether they're new in a role, navigating a different culture, or simply seeking to make the most of their talents in a complex world."
Mylene Sylvestre
Publishing Director, Guardian News & Media
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"Making Your Voice Heard is a compulsive read, full of fascinating insights into psychology and human behaviour. It explores how gender, ethnicity and cultural background affect how you are perceived at work and offers practical advice on how to adapt to your environment and overcome prejudice. A great tool for people at any stage of their career: extremely well researched and mixing self-improvement techniques and practical advice on how to navigate the workplace. A must-read."
Yiannis K.
Executive Director of Government Treasury
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“I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you for your book! I think I’ve almost read it twice and it has helped me immensely and very quickly at work. I have recommended it to my team as well.”
Marie Patton
Head of APAC, Symphony Communications
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“I cannot express how insightful and fabulous your book is. You are a gifted storyteller and added the right amount of empirical data to back up your theses. I will be gifting your book to a number of my connections and mentees.”
Katrina Go Chan
Senior Manager, Quality Control
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“Simple yet backed by research and balanced for the average person to be able to apply. I’m going to give [your book] to my team for Christmas this year. I think they’ll all benefit from something in it, even as they are all in very different stages of their career.”
Haylee Young
Organizational Performance and Transformation Manager
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“[Your book] was incredibly pragmatic and fact-based, which resonated with my more analytical ‘engineering brain.’ You also harmonized disparate concepts in a unique way and distilled those themes into practical solutions.”

Connson reveals how to...

How do you speak up to people who have more power than you do? How can you gain confidence in your own voice and make it heard above the crowd? These are questions that I have struggled with all my life and which drove me to pursue a PhD examining voice, power and influence. Having taught these topics at the LSE for over a decade, I wanted to put them into a book to share with a wider audience.

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How to influence those with more power
Expert and referent power are really important … think about it as a reputation that you're building over time and the stronger that reputation when it comes time for you to actually suggest a change to the company or complain about something … then they will go "oh maybe we should listen" … it's a long-term strategy.
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We’ve all heard that women who are too assertive tend to get backlash whereas men can assert themselves with impunity. You might even know a woman who has been told she is too aggressive or pushy. Yet women need to assert themselves to get ahead and be taken seriously in leadership roles. What’s going on here and what can women do about it?
Making Your Voice Heard
We are beyond excited to bring you our third bonus episode of this season with our latest guest, Connson Locke. Her first book, Making Your Voice Heard, was just published in March 2021, and it’s chock-full of great tips and research-backed insights that are perfectly aligned with our show’s theme of Communication this season. In this episode, she shares her research on finding your voice, influencing others, communication styles, and so much more!
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In this fast paced, informative and personal episode Connson shares what led her to dedicate her academic life to the pursuit of finding her voice and helping others do the same. Connson brilliantly outlines key tips for leaders in ensuring introverts and extroverts have equal space to contribute, and how the analogy of a metal ball inside a rubber ball can help us understand our own authenticity as regards the face we show the world. We chat about the need for our Inner Self to be allowed to thrive in complex cultural contexts and how we can can create positive change if we consider being 'the light and not the judge'.
Ask the Expert: Influence with Connson Chou Locke
In this episode, Helen talks to lecturer, psychologist and author, Connson Chou Locke about Influence. Together they discuss influence issues and assumptions, whether you can fake it, if you don't feel it and the most effective things you can do to improve how you think, feel and act with influence.
How to Speak Up, with Connson Locke
In this conversation, Connson and I explore the challenging situation that many professional experience: speaking up. We discuss several key tactics that Connson has surfaced in her research to do this more effectively. Plus, we highlight several of the lessons Connson has discovered in her own experience that will help us (and others) do this with more success.
The Workplace Podcast
During this podcast we discuss influencing upwards and why it matters, personality type and introversion, the difference culture and gender makes plus we dive into imposter syndrome and the role of personal power.
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