How To Be A Changemaker

The Future of Leadership with Connson Locke
Published in How to be a ChangeMaker
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Connson speaks on the 'How To Be A Changemaker' podcast. "We spend quite a bit of time delving into her experience over 30 years, working as an educator and a consultant in the Asia Pacific, North America, Australia and Europe.

And so we honed in on a lot of the cross cultural communicational issues and barriers, how we understand and navigate power structures across different cultures. We also look at what it takes to manage upwards more effectively with compassion and empathy, and we delve a little bit deeper into what are some of the knowledge bombs that she’s sharing with her students to prepare them for the world of work, and how you can use some of these to really help facilitate growth on your teams and across your company.


“If you listen to really amazing speakers like Martin Luther King Jr, and just listen to what he does with his voice, there’s so much more we can do with our voice, and we just don’t” – Connson


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Making an Impact

With home and hybrid working on the rise, Professor Connson Locke from the Department of Management shares her top tips for making an impact and working effectively while out of the office. What are your top tips for working from home and making your voice heard?

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