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How to Speak Up, with Connson Locke

In this conversation, Connson and I explore the challenging situation that many professional experience: speaking up. We discuss several key tactics that Connson has surfaced in her research to do this more effectively. Plus, we highlight several of the lessons Connson has discovered in her own experience that will help us (and others) do this with more success.

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How to Influence Others and Make Your Voice Heard

Leadership is often focused on influencing followers; however we all have the ability to influence those who have as much or more power than we do. Based on over a decade of teaching leadership, here are my five key lessons for academics on how to influence others:

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From the Mentor’s desk

In this episode we discuss how students can use the skill of Upward Influence in their academic and professional lives. We will also discuss the importance of harnessing our inner voice among other topics based on Dr. Locke’s hugely successful Guardian Masterclass and book “Making your Voice Heard.”

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Making an Impact

With home and hybrid working on the rise, Professor Connson Locke from the Department of Management shares her top tips for making an impact and working effectively while out of the office. What are your top tips for working from home and making your voice heard?

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How to Develop your Presence and Influence

Influencing others has always been an important skill and it will become even more critical in a post-COVID world. To create positive change in the world, we need to influence people who have more power than we do and convince them to listen to us.

Drawing on material from her new book, “Making Your Voice Heard”, Professor Locke provides practical tips for how to build your bases of power, influence others, and make your voice heard.

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Making Your Voice Heard While Working From Home

We can all sense that communicating through video calls is not the same as meeting in person – but how different is it, what are the challenges, and how can we overcome them? Connson answers these questions by explaining the four channels of communication and providing some practical tips for making the most of those channels of communication on video calls.

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